Even though I’ve been attracted to flowers and landscaping subjects in the Chinese traditional paintings most of the time, When I think about this series of posts to introduce the Chinese artists, the first one popped out in my brain is Xu Beihong (徐悲鸿), and his most famous subject is the running horse.

Xu Beihong (1895 –1953) began his art life at as a young kid. He learned the traditional Chinese culture from his father, an old styled teacher. He even started to help his family by make a living through selling the art works when he was just a teenager. Travelling is always a biggest way for inspiration for the artists. Xu Beihong’s first travelling experience out of China was to Tokyo in early 20s. But the biggest impact for his art life was from his eight years’ study in Paris and west Europe. The crash between the eastern and western cultures have been shown not only in his painting techniques, but also subjects, feelings, and ideas.

Xu Beihong has always been positively involved in his era, which was filled with wars, unpredictable futures, and sadness, and expressed the life with great passions. One interesting fact of Xu Beihong is that he is always a giver. He lived a very simple life but made big donations to the country or museum, sometimes almost all the money he had, sometimes his collection of art works by himself or other artists he loved very much.

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