design 1 feature IMG_3865

2015 Fall Design, Part II

Black Onyx with Sterling Silver Red Carnelian with Sterling Silver Green Aventerine with Sterling Silver ...
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design 2 feature

2015 Fall Design, Part I

Red Carnelian with Sterling SilverRainbow Moonstone, Freshwater Pearl, and Sterling SilverPink Opal, Freshwater Pearl, and Sterling SilverBlack Onyx with Sterling ...
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One of a Kind Druzy Stone with Wavy Sterling Silver Setting

My Recent Designs, Part II

To continue my recent designs in the spring and summer of 2015, 1. A one of a kind druzy stone ...
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My Recent Designs, Part I

Jewelry design to me, is like writing a poem or composing a song. It is a job to make me ...
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3 IMG_3854

Green Aventurine, Fresh as Spring

Aventurine is a kind of translucently glistening quartz with platy mineral inclusions. The minute, preferentially oriented mineral plates within the ...
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5 IMG_3607

Black Onyx, Black Magic

Black onyx is a black chalcedony quartz with a fine texture, hard, shiny, and durable. Black onyx is believed to ...
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4 the stone 8mm AA

Grade AA Druzy Quartz

Druzy quartz is beautiful with brilliant colors and lustres, and also affordable to customers. To design a piece of necklace ...
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Three Arrow Carriers

Arrow and bow traditionally has been a symbol of love. Bow and arrow provided the god of love, Cupid, his ...
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3 IMG_0628


Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. Nor hath love's ...
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A Personal Message to Inspire

Our age is for each individual to shown her special style. Trends, past, and culture provide us creative ideas, but ...
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2 IMG_3766


As a girl grow up surrounded with traditional Chinese poems, the moonstone reminds me the mysteriously beautiful and romantic moon ...
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