1 spring flower qing wang

Spring Flowers by Wang Chengpei (汪承霈)

In this post, I will share the detailed sections of the Spring Flowers Collection painted by Wang Chengpei (汪承霈). Wang ...
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featured xubeihong

Artists of the Chinese Traditional Painting, I, Xu Beihong 徐悲鸿

Even though I've been attracted to flowers and landscaping subjects in the Chinese traditional paintings most of the time, When ...
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The Art Style Closest to Poetry, Chinese Traditional Ink Wash Painting (水墨畫)

Time is flying but dreams never get old. I feel blessed to have one or two hours every day to ...
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4 plum blossom

Plum Blossom

Plum blossom is named No. 1 of the ten most famous flowers in China. Blossomed in the cold weathers of ...
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