In this post, I will share the detailed sections of the Spring Flowers Collection painted by Wang Chengpei (汪承霈). Wang is a talented artist in landscape, figures, and flowers in the 18th century, Qing dynasty. He was from a famous noble family with his father a prominent political figure. Wang Chengpei himself has also been in the government for most of his adult life.

I believe in those days, it’s not difficult for a government official to find time in art, since the artistic gifts were acclaimed everywhere. This work of Wang shows exquisite details of almost all the flower subjects in Chinese traditional painting. The flowers are shown in elegant colors and graceful gestures. Many of them are popular, such as plum blossom, narcissus, orchid, lotus, and tree peony. However, my favorites are a few wild flowers that I do not even know the names, but have been my dearest friends of my childhood in a northern Chinese village. I could just see myself running through the woods with friends and picking those flowers. This painting is a surprisingly happy remind of an old memory.

“汪承霈(?-1805),字春農,浙江錢塘人,原籍安徽休寧。為汪由敦(1692-1758)子。乾隆十二年(1747)中舉,長於詩詞、古文,書風與父親相近,又善畫,山水、人物、花卉俱佳。本幅集四時花卉於一卷合繪,包括李花、梅花、水仙、月季、玫瑰、紫藤、繡球、萱花、鳶尾、蘭、牡丹、辛夷 、百合花、海棠、茉莉、蓮荷、菊、天竺、茶花、桂花、石竹、西蕃蓮、牽牛花、秋葵等,凡四十餘種。畫法細緻寫實,賦彩豔而不俗,洋溢著富麗與清新的視覺美感.”

(Photo and Chinese introduction from the National Palace Museum of Taiwan)

Details of A Collection of Spring Fortune, Wang Chengpei, ink and colors on paper, Original Size: 31.3 x 380.6 cm

1 peony 2 lotus 3 iris 4 plum blossom 5 wild flower

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